Jack Chernos -- Political arts and culture resources

Music, Art and Film

Dave Lippman -- One of the coolest political songwriters around. A delivery like Lou Reed, but a whole lot funnier.

Samsara - Political parody songs with beautiful harmonies.

Carol Denney - She plays political concertina. An entertaining site. Check out her song "The Rich Will Never Be Poor."

Alex Walsh - A talented songwriter and musician ... he also performed at the Million Worker March.

The Woody Guthrie Foundation - A good bio, and lots of other info.

The Songs of Woody Guthrie - Song lyrics and some great quotes.

Billy Bragg - Tour dates, liner notes of Mermaid Avenue (the W.G. songs that Bragg put to music).

Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping - Hallelujah! Hilarious and on-point, an anti-consumerism evangelical who puts on a great show.

Music in Labor - A brief history of labor-related music from the 70's and 80's to the present, and other interesting and well-written articles about labor history.

Union Songs -- A great directory of labor and union songs.

Stasys Eidrigevicius - I first saw his art in a Polish restaurant. Not particularly appetizing, but very powerful.

Michael Sowa - Surreal and humorous. You can find his art on postcards at some museums.

Labor Video Project - Labor-oriented films, such as coverage of the WTO and Democratic Convention protests.


Public Citizen - Thank heaven for Public Citizen.

S.F. Bay Area Independent Media Center - What isn't the corporate news telling you? ... particularly regarding local labor issues and activism. Find out. Just one of a growing network of independent media centers.

LaborNet - Online bulletin for a democratic, independent labor movement.

American Civil Liberties Union -- I'm a card carrying member ... are you?

Noam Chomsky's Archive - An archive of his writings, hosted by Z Magazine.

Jobs with Justice -- An injustice to one is an injustice to all. This site is about networking between unions.

Feedmag -- Thoughtful, sardonic writing about pop culture.

Suck -- Insightful, topical on-line journalism.

3 AM Magazine -- From cutting edge short fiction to political satire and music reviews.

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