Who does the paperwork for my anger?
And who has handed down the orders to shout?
As I approach the shopping scene, the herd gets tense but it does not flee
Again we have a relapse to the primitive fears of my last collapse
I am just one of these

You've paid to have a stranger praise your wants and your needs
Am I supposed to stand in line in clear view from the street?
We once laughed at the faces made
The action stays though the faces change
All your heartbreaking hides as though naked and ashamed
All your heartbreaking is the same

You're anchored to a faith you call immovable
I hope you're in a place where they'll feed you when you call
The hand divine you have placed before your eyes
And exalted the darkness
Now walk in it

Who fills the crowd with best intentions?
And who will guard the playgrounds after school?
The postman comes, the policeman waves, the trash goes out on Saturdays
But seething inside the well-labelled homes on well-paved streets
Are gatherings of carnivores
Gatherings of predators
Teeming dens of gatherings

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Jack Chernos & the Department of Justice

(C) 1995 Jack Chernos