Activist Punk/Folk Banjo by
Zoo Chernos
Lyrics, sound clips, and sheet music


A rhapsody.

My People Are Rising *
Was the homepage song of FCC-silenced San Francisco Liberation Radio.

Sold Down The River
The anti-WTO song played from the Steelworkers' billboard truck on the streets of Seattle.

Just Needed to Borrow Your Saw *
Came by your shed without making a sound ...

Chevron rally
The Silence of Good People *
Inducted into the National Civil Rights Museum.

Dig Roads
The industrialist's song.

Hey, Rich King Midas *
... what are you gonna turn to gold?

Walk out of Jerusalem
A peace song.


Talking New Patriotism Blues *
... I must have got confused
'Cause I turned in to vote at the wrong flag.

The Union Grand
Theme song of the Million Worker March on Washington, DC.

Turn This Train Around *

Who Owns Your Dial?

The Change.

* Tracks produced by
     JP Bowersock for the
     upcoming cd "In Interesting

labor song

Please contact me if you would like to use these songs for non-commercial, political purposes,
such as on pirate or public radio.
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