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In Interesting Times    $12
Eleven rockin', rousing, rollicking songs.  Produced by JP Bowersock and featuring David Daniels on drums. Ancient Chinese script cover art by renown stone seal carver Jun Pei Cui.  (In case it doesn't ring a bell, there's an old Chinese curse, "May you live in interesting times." ... unfortunately, we do.)   Song list

Sold Down the River    $5
Four-song EP, including "Sold Down the River," the song heard on the streets of Seattle.   Song list
     "Favorite troubadour of the labor movement"
                                            --American Federation of Musicians, Local 6 bulletin

Jack Chernos      $6
Five-song EP produced by Scott Mathews. Sort of political, sort of not.  Radio friendly.   Song list
     "This whole cd is a pleasure"
                       --Cake Magazine

Good-Buy America      Tenative release date: Nov. 2005
Ten songs.  Live performances and acoustic takes.

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